Advantages Of Working Out Outdoors

A ccording to health and fitness experts, exercising or working out is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy body. As a matter of fact, this is actually one of the health realities that have been taught to us in science and health subjects way back our primary school years. Health instructors would often say: “exercise regularly to achieve a healthy mind and body…” is this statement true or not?

Definitely the answer is true because it is not only the teachers who usually say this thing to their students; in fact, health and fitness experts would often recommend exercise as a way to maintain good health, a way to strengthen bones and muscles, to speed up metabolism, to speed up burning of fats, to enhance stamina and endurance, and many, many more.

The truth is that there are so many benefits one can obtain in exercise and workouts.  But have you ever heard of someone telling you that exercising in the outdoors can bring in lots and lots of benefits to anyone who would comply with it? According to health advocates and fitness experts, exercising is good but working out outdoors is far better than working out indoors. The following are some of the essential reasons that will help prove such statements:


1. According to experts, working out in the outdoors has the potential to burn more calories because doing such will require a person to overcome a great deal of gravity, reaction forces from the ground,  and other environmental factors like heat, wind, temperature, and terrain changes. Thus, this is simply an indication that exercising in the outdoors requires more use of muscles compared to exercises done in the gym or home; as a result, more calories are actually burned.

2. You will also find your way not being reliant to any external factors that help in performing  a particular work out; what is being referred to as external here are places like gym and health clubs. Getting used to outdoor workouts will allow you to perform your exercise routines anytime you want without having to attend a fitness class in the gym or in the health club.

3. Exercising outdoors will also give you the opportunity to get a good deal of vitamin D which is abundantly obtained from the sun. Outdoors are also great to have a good taste of fresh air which is essential in your workouts particularly when you are doing routines that requires weight and lifts.

4. Are you ever aware of the fact that most of the gym equipment found in the gym contributes to distortion of a person’s posture? They are also pointed out to be one of the common causes of weakness and inflexibility. Machines are dumb things and they are not able to mimic the way we use the different muscle groups of the body. What is worse is that when these machines are used erroneously, this will eventually cause accidents or injuries that will greatly affect you not only physically but emotionally and psychologically as well.

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