Jamal Smith

J amal Smith has dedicated himself and his life to fitness and health. Alongside his brother Jonathan, Jamal has created Living Legends Fitness, a new approach to exercise and healthy living that brings its services to its clients, and works with their schedule.  The Smith brothers take their clients to a very serious level of healthy living.  Using fitness as a main catapult, they assist their clients with losing weight, gaining and toning muscle and improving endurance and performance, as well as simply assisting in living an overall healthy life.

Jamal believes that part of living a healthy life is paying it forward and passing one’s knowledge and skills on to others, motivating others through example.  To this goal, Jamal has worked hard as a coach for such programs as the Millersville Football Camp, as well as Julian Krinsky youth camps, and Project Forward Leap, all programs dedicated to helping youth harness and focus their physical prowess and give them the tools and skills necessary to live a healthy lifestyle, as well as improving their sports skills.

Smith himself has had a lifelong passion for sports, specifically football.  Jamal played college football for Millersville university and also spent time playing for the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the CFL. In his time at Millersville, he became the first player in over a decade to earn All-American honors.  He lead the PSAC in receiving yards, tied for second in touchdown catches, and was third in all-purpose yards, ranking him 17th nationally in all-purpose yards.  Smith was the first player in Millersville history to record double-figure touchdown catches two seasons in a row. 

Believing he must push himself just as much if not more than he insists his clients do, Jamal continues to work towards his dream of playing in the NFL.  Despite offers to play for the Indoor Football League and Arena Football League, Jamal believes in pushing himself to truly achieve his dreams and focuses on his NFL goal.  He continues to train with his brother Jonathan who had the chance to play in the NFL as a way of keeping himself motivated. 

Smith continues to push himself to live a healthy, active life, and through Living Legends Fitness, he can do the same for you. 

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