Johnathon J. Smith

J ohnathon Smith, one of the founders of Living Legend Fitness, has a passion for helping others realize their maximum potential through physical fitness.  Smith’s vision leads him to constantly study new ideas and fitness techniques, so that he may update and adapt his own style of training to appeal to any an all customers seeking to improve themselves.  For Smith, it does not matter what level of fitness you begin at, all that matters is where you want to be and that you have a burning desire and commitment to reach your goals.

Smith maintains the same dedication to his own life and fitness needs that he pushes onto his clients.  He played professional football for the Sasketchewan Roughriders in the CFL, as well as volunteering at the Rising Stars Football Camp in Harrisburg, PA and F.A.S.T. Camp in Pembroke Pines, FL helping underprivileged children learn the basics of football, focusing on techniques that build teamwork and development skills.  In 2009. Smith spoke on Capitol Hill at the launch of National Coach Appreciation Week, in honor of the role coaches play in promoting the positive development of young people.

Smith maintains the same dedication to his own life and fitness needs that he pushes onto his clients. Jonathan and his brother Jamal started Living Legend Fitness because they wanted to change the way people think about fitness.  They wanted to create a place for family and friends to work out together and enjoy living a healthier lifestyle.  They don’t view their customers as simply clients but rather as a valuable part of their healthy community, based on their own experience as coaches, they inspire their clients to continue the legend through example, encouraging them to pay it forward by contributing to a healthy community, and to volunteer their time, like Jonathan does, to help organizations such as the Special Olympics and the Big Brothers and Sisters program.

For clients of Jonathan Smith, the choice is simple.  It’s either going to be a good day, or a great day.

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