My name is Sam Monroe. I have had the motivation to workout for the past 7 years of trying to be consist with making sure that I eat healthy, drink plenty of water and exercise daily, but either the work or home life causes me to get off track.  It’s not that I needed to lose weight it was more of trying to build tone of the muscle.  Until one day a personal trainer came by my office and we had conversation about me getting some personal training.  I’m going to tell you the first thing went to my head was he will probably be like the other trainers that I had.  But I was proven wrong, I started working out in July 2011 and I have to say that it has been awesome experience, the first thing he did different was he did an assessment and asked me what were my goals, and why I wanted to workout.  Johnathon is not just a personal training he is someone that you can talk to, and laugh with.  And the best part for me was I started to see results in 2 weeks.  I now have a tone of the muscle and I’m happy with the results.  I went in with one goal and that was to tone the muscle, but I received more from the workout than I expected.  I now have more energy throughout the day, start eating more healthier, and exercising daily, but really what surprise my family is that I have put the juice away and started to drink nothing but water daily, and cut back on the sweets.  So for anyone that want to make a change when it comes to your health call on Johnathon because you will enjoy the spirit and energy that he has when it comes you achieving your goals.  I feel that I can’t thank him enough for what he has done for me spiritual and mental.  Job Well Done Johnathon!!!!!!!!  -Sam Monroe

Can’t thank you enough for all the time and effort you put into training me. Even though sometimes I’d complain about the 300 yard shuttles or doing five shuttles instead of 100.  There was never a time where I left a session not feeling a difference with my improvements and skills from the beginning to the end of the session.  You have helped me improve my game for soccer so much! I never thought before that I would want to play at a varsity in college. After his whole year of seeing how much better and faster you have gotten me, you have motivated me to play soccer in college.  Good luck with football in Canada!  Congrats on making the team!  Were not the biggest football fans but Canada will be our new team. -Briana Khan

Johnathon  was a great trainer. He was flexible with schedule. He help me improve on exactly what I wanted to improve on. He knew exactly what he was talking about and helped me tremendously. I fill more confident when I’m in the gym now because I know what I’m doing. -Zach Biggs

 My son Alex has been training with Johnathon and he’s loved every minute of it.  After only two months I am seeing great improvements in this physical ability, speed, and agility, etc.   Living legends fitness is a great place for kids who need personalized training programs and get results fast. Thank you living legends fitness.  -Anthony Rjeily (father)

At the conclusion of every session my son Dylan feels excited, more confident and always  states they had a great time. Dylan enjoys the training methods that Johnathon employ, and he always looks forward to attending.  I found Johnathon and his staff extremely knowledgeable and professional.  -Anthony Pulitano (father)

 I like my class and our training because we have competition and also compete.  Each time we work to get better and faster. Also we work on form running, ladders  and my favorite football. -Philip Parchment

In the classes we worked on a lot of things, most of the time working on helping our leg muscles. What I like the most was the ladder, it was something new and fun. It is exciting to wait ad see what we will do that day. It was really fun.  -Tomas Wilson

My favorite part about class is playing a game after we workout and my favorite part is doing one in each on the ladder and how I got faster with the new way to run and another of my favorites  is bunny hops and I like to race with my friends in the class.  Johnathon is a really good trainer of coach is so cool.  -Alejandro Navia

My favorite thing I like about practice is the games. My instructor Johnathon is a good instructor that gives a great work out.  I always get a good workout and have fun. -Michael V.

 I have improved in my stamina for running and lacrosse defense. I also improved my ball handling and fundamentals. I like working out with my friends and having a great coach. -Paul Mendy

 The living legends fitness program Is a great help to anyone looking to improve their fitness. Especially after surgery to get you back form to return to playing as soon as possible. You probably come out in better shape, stronger for surgery string were while program. -Alexis Lepero

What I like about living legends fitness is that I pick the type of training and what type of body I wanted to achieve.  I gained 5 pounds of muscle mass; I have increase 40  pounds on my benching and 60 pounds on other exercises. I lift weights that I never thought I could lift!  -Andrew Kotlars

My son Thomas started training with Johnathon in December 2009. As parents we wanted our son to improve his football skills. Johnathon was the perfect candidate for the task. After a few months we saw a great improvement in Thomas’ attitude towards sports, more positive and more focused. Physically it was amazing how much more he could do. Thomas has been training with Johnathon since then. Now he plays basketball with excellent technique and now he is in great shape. We thank you for your dedication, knowledge and passion. - Andrea Diaz Valdez

Living Legends fitness defiantly helped me out with basketball training i am lifting 30 pounds more now then i did when i first started training when I began training my body was out of shape To him and him because I had a ankle injury and just got done with a long season . I wanted to improve on strength and speed and with Johnathons training I have gotten much stronger and faster he is one of the main reasons I am playing College Basketball. -Adam Kaplan

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