Who We Are

Are You A Legend Waiting To Happen?

L iving Legends Fitness is founded by two brothers, Johnathon J. Smith and his younger brother Jamal Smith. The brothers came up with the name Living Legends Fitness because of the long road they have traveled while gaining their wealth of sports and fitness knowledge. Their extensive knowledge comes from involvement in sports at the early the age of five. This early involvement spanned into professional level sports. Further increasing the brothers achievements is the fact that this long-standing experience comes without injury.

Jamal and Jonathon Smith wanted to change the way people think about fitness. Jamal and Jonathon Smith wanted to change the way people think about fitness. They wanted to create a place for family and friends to work out together, and enjoy living a healthier lifestyle. That is how Living Legends Fitness came to be.

Johnathon a former NFL/CFL athlete turned fitness professional, and Jamal, a young NFL and CFL free-agent, both share the same passion for health and fitness. They both value the importance of good nutrition and exercise for better health and well-being.

They strongly believe that exercise needs to be a part of everyone’s life. Both brothers are well-known for their exceptional coaching skills and unwavering dedication to healthy living, as well as their community.

The Smith brothers are not only dedicated to creating a atmosphere of legendary individuals, but also motivating those individuals to continue the legend through example. They inspire their clients to pay it forward, increasing their goal of contributing to a healthier community.

Jamal and Jonathon give their clients a simple choice for each day; it’s either going to be a good day, or it’s going to be a great day. They want to make sure their clients are not only looking great, but feeling great as well.

Living Legends Fitness realizes that motivation is the key ingredient to creating confidence. Living Legends Fitness realizes that motivation is the key ingredient to creating confidence. Confidence is what leads to the accomplishment of fitness goals. Jonathon and Jamal not only believe, but have proven this method guarantees results.

Their passion is to help their clients develop a legendary mental attitude and lifestyle of fitness. Living Legends Fitness is not a typical gym. Instead, it is a very unique fitness experience.

The typical gym is packed with machinery that can be restrictive to the range of motion. Living Legends Fitness is not crammed with a bunch of restrictive machines and cardio equipment. Instead the brothers focus goes past the usual ‘going through the motions.’ Jamal and Johnathon educate their clients, and constantly fine-tune and assist in helping to achieve important goals.

The Smith brothers take their clients to a very serious level of healthy living. Using fitness as a main catapult, they assist their clients with losing weight, toning muscle, gaining muscle, improving endurance and performance, as well as simply assisting in living an overall healthy life.

They have introduced a new hybrid of fitness training. Their unique approach includes a combination of postural correction, functional training, metabolic resistance training, collegiate-level strength and conditioning programs, and kettle bell training. The unorthodox training schedule has proven to maximize results.

The program is designed to create a client who is knowledgeable, lean, strong and virtually free of pain and injury. These are the sum which equal a healthier and happier life.

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